Below you will find useful articles and information pertaining to Del-Tron Precision's wide range of linear motion products.

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. Announces New Line of Non-Magnetic Ball Slides

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. has announced the availability of Non-Magnetic Linear Ball Slides. This new product line of Non-Magnetic ball slides provide the ideal solution for applications where magnetic interference cannot be tolerated. These lightweight Non-Magnetic ball slides are the perfect solution for medical, semiconductor, military and laser applications… More

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. Announces New Line of High Precision Positioning Stages

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. has announced the availability of the VB, VR and VS High Precision Positioning Stages taking positional accuracy, performance and actuator flexibility to a new level. Utilizing Del-Tron’s proven ball and crossed roller technology and more than three decades of experience manufacturing linear slides and stages we offer three new model numbers… More

Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis

"The incorporation of software control to infrared spectrometers and in particular infrared micro spectrometers, has provided an important capability for automated analysis. Software control of infrared optics allows methods developed by scientists to be used by less-skilled personnel or, in many cases, to be run without any operator intervention at all… More

Nearly Frictionless Ball Slide Assemblies Help Keep Eyeglass Frame Tracers On Track

Ball slide assemblies that provide nearly friction-free performance help keep a popular line of eyeglass frame tracers on track. Frame tracers need to follow the outline of an eyeglass frame while applying only a tiny amount of pressure on the frame to avoid distortion. At the same time, the high duty cycles under which many of these machines are used creates the need for a very reliable mechanism… More

Ball Slide Positioner Reduces Setup Time on Centerless Grinders for Medical Guidewires from 10 Minutes to 15 Seconds

The use of micrometer-driven ball slide positioners has reduced setup time for centerless grinder guide systems from 10 minutes to 15 seconds, speeding production of guidewires used in medical procedures. The tips of these wires, which travel through blood vessels in procedures such as angioplasty, must be ground to a unique profile and a smooth surface finish over their entire profile of anywhere from 12" to 36"… More