Non Magnetic Slides

Non Magnetic Slides

Del-Tron’s new product line of Non-Magnetic ball slides provides the ideal solution for applications where magnetic interference cannot be tolerated. These lightweight Non-Magnetic ball slides are the perfect solution for medical, semiconductor, military and laser applications, just to name a few.

Del-Tron’s Non-Magnetic ball slides are made in the USA and are constructed using silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings, titanium shafts, aluminum carriages, bases, and end caps, along with brass fasteners. Combine these materials along with our standard ball slide mounting holes and factory preload and you have just found the perfect solution for your Non-Magnetic linear motion slide requirement.

Our Non-Magnetic linear motion ball slides are available in 7 profile sizes with travels ranging from .5 inches to 12 inches of travel. Metric ball slides are also available. All slides have a straight line accuracy of .0005” per inch of travel and a positional repeatability of .0002”. They are self-cleaning and do not require lubrication.

For your convenience solid model drawings for our entire product line are available by clicking on our Part Search. Click on the product you're interested in to find the solid model on the product data page. We are always ready to discuss any special needs or modifications you may require.

Other industry terms for non-magnetic linear ball slides, non-magnetic linear bearings, non-magnetic slide tables, linear ball slides often include linear slides, linear motion slides, ball slides, ball slide assemblies, linear bearings, linear motion bearings and linear ball slides and more generally as linear motion slides, or simply motion slides. Please visit Deltron's linear slides page for additional information.

  • Non-Magnetic lightweight design
  • Silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings, titanium shafts, aluminum carriage and base, brass fasteners
  • Factory preload minimizes side play and provides low friction
  • Self-cleaning ball bearing design offers long life and requires no lubrication
  • Standard mounting holes simplify installation
  • Mounting surfaces, parallel to the line of motion, provide straight line accuracy to 0.0005"/" of travel