Markets We Serve for Linear Motion Bearings

Deltron linear motion bearings

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. was founded in order to serve the needs of automated equipment manufacturers for innovative, high quality and reasonably priced linear motion bearings.

After 40 years, we remain firmly focused on that original premise. Although we currently offer one of the broadest product ranges of linear motion bearings in the industry, we still concentrate on our greatest strength, which is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for modern industrial equipment.

Hundreds of thousands of Del-Tron slides, positioning stages, ball and lead screw actuators, linear bearings and other linear motion devices have been incorporated into medical diagnostic equipment, 3D printing equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, assembly systems, scientific instruments and many other products.

Linear Motion Bearings in the Medical Industry

Linear Motion Bearings in the Medical Industry

With the medical industry constantly pushing the design envelope to do more in less time, at a lower cost and in a smaller space, Del-Tron Precision’s wide range of linear motion products are here to provide design solutions. We offer some of the smallest linear ball and crossed roller slides available. Micrometer driven positioning stages, linear screw driven actuators along with our line of non-magnetic ball slides are just a few of the many products we offer.

Linear Motion Bearings in Semi-Conductor Chip Manufacturing

Linear Motion Bearings in Semi-Conductor Chip Manufacturing

Semi-conductor chip manufacturing, testing and inspection require linear motion products that solve and provide a wide range of design solutions. Our linear slides and tables are perfect for use in cleanroom, vacuum and high temperature environments. We offer some of the smallest linear slides in the industry and can provide linear slides for the smallest most complex equipment.

Linear Motion Bearings in the 3D Printing Industry

Linear Motion Bearings in 3D Printing

In just a few short years the 3D printing industry has demonstrated this technology is truly changing the world. Used initially for rapid prototyping and now for mass production they are producing everything from automotive products to medical and dental prosthetics. Del-Tron has a complete line of recirculating ball slide guides available in travels from 25 millimeters to 2 meters and motor ready lead screw and ball screw driven actuators for X, XY and Z table actuation. Our linear slides and tables offer many levels of precision and can be customized to meet your exact specifications.

Linear Motion Bearings in Defense and Aerospace Industries

Linear Motion Bearings in Defense

The Defense and aerospace industries are continually developing and designing new cutting edge technologies, some of which require linear motion products with very specific design needs. We have the experience to assist, design and produce linear motion products that will meet your exact needs. We manufacture standard and custom slides and products for use in aircraft interiors, imaging systems, missile systems, pilot helmets and surveillance systems just to name a few. Del-Tron Precision, Inc. is a US based company making us a domestic source manufacturer for linear motion projects that require materials and manufacturing to be sourced within the United States.

Other markets we serve with our linear motion bearings include Machine Tool, Factory Automation, Optical, Laser, Packaging, Food Processing, Robotics, and Test & Measurement.

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