Product Selection Guide

For more than 40 years, Del-Tron Precision has been manufacturing linear motion products which we divide into eleven families including ball slides, crossed roller slides, micrometer positioning slides, lead screw actuators, and ball screw actuators. Each of our product lines were designed to address specific linear motion requirements such as precise positioning accuracy, miniature motion, extended travels, and high load carrying capabilities. This Product Selection Guide is intended both to assist our customers in choosing the right product for their specific application, and to offer a brief description of each of our product families. Detailed information about each product family and their options are available through our family pages in the horizontal navigation menu above, on the homepage image collage, in the links below, and from our downloadable catalog page.

For linear motion applications requiring special design, Del-tron Precision also offers custom solutions. From design to prototyping to full-service manufacturing, we can help you achieve the perfect custom linear motion solution for your specific needs. Some of our customizations include: special materials (such as stainless steel internals and ceramic ball bearings), custom hole placement for specific mounting requirements, reducing magnetism, corrosion resistance, etc. Even after 40 years, our goal is personalized attention and a level of responsiveness that's unparalleled in the industry. For additional information on creating the perfect custom linear motion solution for your specific needs, please see our Custom Linear Motion page.

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Solid models are also available for download on both our homepage by clicking the downloadable CAD link, or through our Part Search function on each product page. (Note: First time users must register to access 3D Models.)

Linear Slides, Ball Slides, and Crossed Roller Slides

Slides (Ball & Crossed Roller)

Del-Tron Precision groups our Ball Slides and Crossed Roller Slides into a single product family for several reasons. Each ball slide has a corresponding crossed roller slide that is dimensionally equivalent. This offers our customers the flexibility to increase or decrease accuracy and load carrying requirements without needing to change their designs. It's as easy as changing the part number. Both our Ball Slides and Crossed Roller Slides are designed with an aluminum carriage and base which utilize both hardened steel and stainless steel bearing components and ways. These lightweight linear motion slides are available with either inch or metric hole locations and can easily be modified to meet specific needs.

While Ball Slides can also be referred to as linear slides, linear motion slides, linear motion sliders, ball slide assemblies, linear bearings, and linear ball slides, Crossed Roller Slides may also be referred to as roller slides, crossed roller bearings, linear and crossed roller slides.

(For additional information on our ball slides and crossed roller slides, please click here. For general information on Deltron Linear Slides, please read Linear Slides by Deltron: An Overview. Please click here for additional information on Deltron Precision's Linear Motion Slides.)

Micrometer Positioning Stages

Micrometer Positioning Stages

Del-Tron Precision's Micrometer Positioning Stages are often referred to as positioning stages, linear positioners, XY stages, micrometer stages, and micrometer slides. What distinguishes this family from other linear motion products is the addition of a micrometer which enables the ability to position a load or device in precise increments. Our micrometer positioning stages offer travels ranges from .25" to 2.0". These linear motion devices are available in both inch and metric versions and are offered in X, XY, and XYZ configurations. Both linear ball slide and linear crossed roller slide technology are available based on application needs. While most Del-Tron models are available with optional locking micrometers, all are available with Deltron's Posi-Lock feature that enables the carriage of the positioning stage to be locked in place, securing the carriage of the linear motion slide.

(For additional information on our micrometer positioning stages, please click here)

Crossed Roller Tables

Crossed Roller Tables (Aluminum & Steel)

Del-Tron Precision's Aluminum and Steel Crossed Roller Tables are designed for linear motion applications which require both extreme accuracy and exceptional load carrying capacities (including weights in excess of 2600 lbs). Our aluminum crossed roller tables are also available with corrosion resistant stainless steel internal components for applications where corrosion is a concern.

Other specific industry terms include crossed roller bearings, and crossed roller tables, while more general terms include linear bearings, roller slides, linear motion slides, or simply linear slides.

(For additional information on our Crossed Roller Tables, please click here)

DL Linear Actuators

DL Linear Actuators

Del-Tron Precision's DL Linear Actuators were specifically designed as a space-saving, economical solution for applications requiring long-life, and fast, as well as simple setup. Our DL linear actuators house a lead screw or ball screw in a rigid aluminum box structure which utilizes a recirculating guide to provide precision linear motion. A motor adaptor and motor coupling are supplied for either stepper or servo motors with limit switches also available. Travels range from 25mm up to 410mm while providing a straight line accuracy in the 2 micron range. Our DL Linear Actuators are also sometimes referred to in the industry as linear actuators, lead screw actuators, ball screw actuators, linear positioners, linear motion actuators, or more generically as linear bearings.

(For additional information on our DL Linear Actuators, please click here)

Non Magnetic Slides

Non Magnetic Slides

Del-Tron's new product line of Non-Magnetic Ball Slides provides the ideal solution for applications where magnetic interference cannot be tolerated. The perfect solution for medical, semiconductor, military and laser applications, Del-Tron's Non-Magnetic ball slides are made in the USA and are constructed using silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings, titanium shafts, aluminum carriages, bases, and end caps, along with brass fasteners.

Our Non Magnetic Linear Motion Slides are available in 7 profile sizes with travels ranging from .5 inches to 12 inches of travel. Metric ball slides are also available. All slides have a straight line accuracy of .0005” per inch of travel and a positional repeatability of .0002”.They are self-cleaning and do not require lubrication.

(For additional information on our Non-Magnetic Slides, please click here)

High Precision Positioners

High Precision Positioners

Del-Tron’s VB, VR and VS High Precision Positioning Stages take positional accuracy, performance and actuator flexibility to a new level. Utilizing Del-Tron’s proven ball and crossed roller technology and more than three decades of experience manufacturing linear slides and stages we offer three new model numbers and you can choose the method of actuation best suited for your application.

Build your own High Precision Stage by simply picking out the ball or crossed roller stage that meets your application's needs, choosing one of the 4 methods of actuation: Micrometer head, Fine thread adjustment, Lead screw or Motorized actuator. Positioning accuracies range from 0.0001” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VS series to 0.00004” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VB and VR series ball and crossed roller stages..

(For additional information on our High Precision Positioners, please click here)

Posi Drives (Lead Screw Driven)

Posi Drives® (Lead Screw Driven)

Del-Tron Precision's Posi-Drives® were created to provide an economical solution to simplify the design of motion control systems in some of the more common applications. These ball and crossed roller stages easily install with standard fasteners and do not require aligning any components. They are fitted with a lead screw and anti backlash nut and are supplied with a motor adaptor and coupling. Available in X, XY, and XYZ mounting configurations, with optional limit switches and up to 12" of travel, these linear motion stages provide both accuracy and excellent positional repeatability.

Other industry terms include lead screw stages, lead screw actuators, linear actuators, linear positioning stages, and lead screw driven stages.

(For additional information on our Posi-Drives®, please click here)

Crossed Roller Rail Sets

Crossed Roller Rail Sets

Del-Tron Precision's Crossed Roller Rail Sets are extremely compact, precision rail sets that support heavy loads with both excellent repeatability, and extremely low friction. These linear motion bearings are sold in sets and consist of 4 V-grooved rails and 2 roller cages. Available options include both stainless steel and our anti creep models for high speed and vertical applications. With travels ranging from .4" to almost 12", and load capacities in excess of 2800 lbs, Del-Tron Precision offers a wide range of choices.

They may also be referred to as crossed roller bearings, crossed roller rails, and crossed roller slides, and more generically as linear motion slides.

(For additional information on our Crossed Roller Rail Sets, please click here)

Recirculating Slide Guides

Recirculating Slide Guides

Del-Tron Precision's Recirculating Slide Guides provide linear motion solutions for applications involving long travels and designs where space constraints must be considered. These recirculating guides consist of a block and a guide rail, both having two R-shape raceway grooves that are machined and precision ground. The block consists of a main body with two raceways and a resin return cap to ensure smooth circulation of balls. These precision steel balls roll in their respective raceway groove with contact at four points between the block and the guide rail. These low friction, compact and light weight recirculating guides are capable of carrying loads in excess of 700 kg., and provide travels up to 880mm with custom rail lengths up to 2 meters available in some sizes. Our slide guides are manufactured from 440 stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance in your design.

Our Recirculating Slide guides are also commonly referred to as ball slide guides, slide guides, linear bearings, linear slides, and linear motion slides.

(For additional information on our Recirculating Slide Guides, please click here)

Air Actuators

Air Actuators

Del-Tron Precision's Air Actuators provide both extremely low friction and stiction characteristics by using a pair of Airpot cylinders. The movement of these pneumatically actuated crossed roller slide assemblies can be stopped with a light touch or a physical obstruction for applications where preventing damage to delicate and expensive equipment or parts is required.

Our air actuators may also be referred to, in more general terms, as linear actuators, linear motion slides, and linear bearings.

(For additional information on our Air Actuators, please click here)