Precision Stages by Deltron Precision

Precision Stages

Deltron Precision was founded 30 years ago with the goal of providing high quality, reasonably priced, anti-friction linear bearings to automated equipment manufacturers. Since then, we've created 11 families of products to suit a wide range of our customers' needs. With the recent addition of our newest family of precision stages, which we call 'High Precision Positioning Stages', Deltron now offers a unique, modular design which provides flexibility beyond any of our other product families.

Increasingly, our customers expressed their interest in the ability to purchase precision stages that offer a choice in their method of actuation. Our popular micrometer driven stages for example, are perfectly suited for many applications, but are only available with micrometer heads. Our new precision stages, however, enable our customers to choose either manual actuation (using a micrometer head, a fine-thread adjusting screw, or a lead screw), or motorized actuation (which is typically via a D.C. servo motor which we also offer). Our new precision stages can also be used in the same applications as our Micrometer Positioning Stages.

Used extensively in the medical, optical, laser, and semi-conductor industries (among others), our new precision stages have all of the advantages of our micrometer driven stages including the availability of either ball or crossed roller technology , both center line drive and side line drive actuator mounting brackets, the addition of posi-locks, easy customization to suit your particular application, and interchangeability with other manufacturers. In addition though, our precision stages also offer even higher levels of tolerances.

Our VB, VR and VS High Precision Positioning Stages provide precise positional accuracy, repeatability, high performance and the additional actuator flexibility our customers requested. Our hardened ball and/or crossed roller technology, along with hardened shafts or rails, provide smooth linear motion while maintaining resistance to wear. This low profile design enables a stable platform and while factory preload eliminates backlash. Our precision stages also offer side drive orientation which allows mounting an actuator on either side of the slide as well as in-line mounting.

Sold as single axis slides, our High Precision Positioning Stages are also available as XY or XYZ stages. Because we manufacture them right here in the U.S.A. (in our Bethel, CT factory), we can easily and accurately customize our products to suit your particular application including special holes, slots, variation of materials, etc..

It's easy to build your own precision stage by simply choosing the ball or crossed roller stage that meets your application's needs, and then choosing one of the 4 methods of actuation (Micrometer head, Fine thread adjustment, Lead screw or Motorized actuator). We've also made solid model drawings available on our website.

Positioning accuracies range from 0.0001" per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VS series to 0.00004" per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VB and VR series ball and crossed roller stages with travels ranging from .5" (12.5 mm) to 2" (50 mm).

Please visit our High Precision Positioners page for additional information on our precision stages or contact us.