Linear Motion Sliders by Deltron: Part of the Solution

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When engineers are looking for linear motion sliders, they look to Del-Tron Precision, Inc. We've specialized in precision linear motion sliders for over 35 years, and we're known throughout the industry for our quality, low friction, smooth operation, and unmatched customer service. Del-Tron Precision's linear motion sliders are suitable for a wide range of applications. These include pneumatically actuated, electronically controlled, motor-driven, micrometer-driven positioning stages, and all ranges of accuracy ranging from standard precision to high precision accuracy.

Applications for Linear Motion Sliders:

While the number of applications for linear motion sliders may be in the millions, the majority are clustered into four industry verticals:

Medical: Precision slide products are a key part of the assembly of medical components, the testing of equipment, and the transportation of products which includes pacemakers, defibrillators, mammogram equipment, and body fluid diagnostic equipment to name just a few.

Semi-conductor and computer manufacturing: Whether it's hard drives, small household appliances or cell phones, chip manufacturers, fabricators or testers, Del-Tron Precision's linear motion sliders are used in all phases of the manufacturing and inspection processes. Even the machine builders that build the equipment in this industry rely on Del-Tron Precision's linear motion sliders to check if the equipment meets their quality standards.

Electronics: From cell phones to flat screen TVs, to refrigerator controls, Del-Tron Precision's precision slide products are a key component in the manufacturing and testing of nearly every consumer electronics product. As with the semi-conductor and computer manufacturing industry, our sliders are also used in the manufacturing of the equipment that manufacturers electronics.

Packaging: From repositioning cameras involved in video inspection equipment for product checking, to bar code recognition units which test equipment for TV monitors, Del-Tron Precision helps manufacturers test, stack and view their products.

Del-Tron's Linear Motion Slider Family Groups:

Del-Tron Precision offers our linear motion sliders in four product families including Ball Slides/Crossed Roller Slides, Crossed Roller Tables (Aluminum & Steel), Non Magnetic Slides and Recirculating Slide Guides. We also offer Crossed Roller Rail Sets which support heavy loads with both extremely low friction and excellent repeatability.

Why go with Del-Tron?

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Del-Tron Precision's precision slide products are known throughout the industry for their very low friction and smooth operation. We offer between 5,000 and 6,000 different types of linear motion sliders, some that are not readily available from any other source. If your application calls for a space-saving design with a smaller footprint for sub-miniature devices requiring precision miniature motion, we offer an extremely wide range of options, and you'll find our pricing is always competitive.

Best of all, we offer customized solutions to solve even the toughest design challenges. If you want to change the finish, the shape, or have holes placed at different intervals in a linear motion slider, Del-Tron Precision specializes in modifications. We are always eager to collaborate with you to create a product that fits your exacting requirements. If you need help with drawings, solid models are available for all of our parts.

If you have engineering questions or concerns, our knowledgeable employees provide immediate technical assistance to enable you to find work-arounds so you can design and develop unique out-of-the-box solutions which can utilize customized or standard sliders. In fact, we expect you'll experience a level of responsiveness you just won't see elsewhere. You'll find we're nimble and always ready to help in any way we can, offering personalized attention that's unparalleled in the industry and we have extremely quick turnaround times, nearly always besting our competitors. Since we first began operations in 1974, we have always made excellent customer service and the highest quality product our top priorities.

linear motion slides by Deltron Precision

When it comes to order size, small quantities are handled with the same attention to detail and quality as large orders. This is one of the staples of our business philosophy. We also shine above many of our competitors in that we have a quality system in place where all parts receive both an incoming and an outgoing inspection so that our customers can always count on receiving the highest quality linear motion slider every time they place an order.

We offer timely quotes, usually on the same day, and will serve you in ways that will exceed your expectations. And we're proud to say that the vast majority of what we produce is made in the USA in Bethel, Connecticut.

If linear motion sliders are part of your solution, look to Del-Tron Precision, Inc. and partner with a pro.

Please visit our other pages for detailed information on our extensive product lines and range of services, and of course, feel free to call us at 800-245-5013 to learn how Del-Tron Precision can be part of the solution for linear motion slides.