General Information

1. Where can I find your product 3D Models, Moment Load Calculators and Life Load Calculators?
Go to our homepage and enter a model # in the Part Search box. Our 3D Models, Moment Load Calculators and Life Load Calculators can be found at the bottom of each data sheet. (Please note that first time visitors are required to register.)

2. Where can I find information about Terms, Delivery Options, Warranties, etc.?
Our Terms and Conditions page answers many common questions. For further information, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

3. How can I find the right part for my application?
Our Product Selection Guide offers detailed descriptions and typical applications of our 11 product families. Our Part Search Function provides part specifications as well as 3D Models, Moment Load Calculators and Life Load Calculators. If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Our engineers are always ready to help.

Technical Information

1. How is travel measured?
The published travel is the total travel available in a particular slide from one extreme to the other. A linear slide will move 1/2 the published travel from center. For example: a slide with 2 inches total travel will move 1" either direction from its centered position.

2. How do you access the counterbored mounting holes in the base of the micrometer driven positioners?
The mounting can be accessed by moving the micrometer head to one extreme or the other in order for the carriage to move away from the holes.

3. Why don't you supply the motors for the Posi-Drive Stages?
The wide variety of choices for motors, controllers, and application requirements makes it difficult to anticipate economically the needs of our customers in this area. For that reason we offer what we feel is a product which will satisfy most of the needs from a mechanical standpoint and we refer the electronic requirements to vendors who we know will be able to accommodate our customers.

4. Are Metric slides available?
Yes: Del-Tron has produced metric slides for years for its European and Asian customers. Please request our metric catalog for information on this product line.

5. Can the carriage mounting holes be of a different size and location?
Yes, We can provide different holes and locations for mounting holes. We recommend that this be done by the factory before assembly. We will review any request for special configurations.

6. What size motor adapters are available for the Posi-Drives?
We can supply standard Nema motor frame sizes.

7. What is positional repeatability?
The ability to consistently return to a specific starting point within a specified tolerance.

8. What is the maximum temperature for slides? Is it possible to modify them for elevated temperatures?
Any slides using plastic retainers may be used up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The substitution of high temperature retainers allow slides to be used at greater temperatures. Above 212 degrees Fahrenheit the hardness of the bearing surfaces begins to degrade. Slides in these applications may not have the normal life expectancy.

9. Are the moment load ratings the maximum moment load value the slide can accept?
No. This is just a known value that is needed for the moment load rating formula to help determine the maximum moment load value.