High Speed Belt Drive Actuators

High Speed Belt Drive Actuators

Del-Tron’s belt drive actuators operate at speeds up to 5.1 meters per second (MPS) and do not require lubrication or maintenance under normal operating conditions. Del-Tron's DB series actuators are ideal for use in applications where speed is critical such as pick-and-place applications on high speed automation equipment. Another advantage of the new DB series linear positioners is that they can provide travel lengths up to 6 meters while maintaining repeatability of +/- 0.025 mm and linear accuracy of +/- 0.083 mm per meter. These actuators feature a steel-reinforced polyurethane belt that helps deliver repeatable positioning by avoiding belt stretching. The positive timing belt drive provides further improvements in accuracy and speed. A proprietary extrusion design provides long travel, smooth movements, and excellent repeatability. DB series actuators are available standard to accept NEMA 17, 23, and 34 motors and can be configured to accept other sizes. Planetary gearheads are available and contribute to the performance of the actuators by providing gear geometry optimized for planetary systems using zero helix angle gears to avoid unbalanced forces caused by helical gears.

Our belt drive actuators offer different types of bearings support. Steel concave rollers (DBM) riding on chrome-plated steel rails provide excellent positioning accuracy even in applications that require long travel. A plastic coated needle (DBN) bearing assembly offers the highest possible speeds. Finally, plastic bearings (DBP) running on aluminum rails provide ultimate durability in tough push-pull applications. The steel bearings are supplied with lifetime lubrication while both types of plastic bearings require no lubrication at all.

Del-Tron applications engineers can help you select the appropriate belt drive actuator and gear box for your application. Del-Tron can also provide special designs of DB series actuators for nearly any belt drive system. To request a quotation please use the form provided.

For your convenience solid model drawings for our entire product line are available by clicking on our Part Search. Click on the product you're interested in to find the solid model on the product data page. We are always ready to discuss any special needs or modifications you may require.

Other industry terms include belt drives, belt drive actuators, belt drive systems ,linear belt actuator, linear motion belt drive motion slides, and more generally as linear actuators and linear positioners.

  • High speed capability
  • Travels to 6 meters
  • Cost effective solutions available for high speed applications
  • Wide selection of gearheads, motor mounts, limit switches and mounting hardware
  • Custom designed for your application